You’ll love our new amenities at the Old Caledonian B&B!

Greetings friends and guests!

Jon here. Hope everyone had a fine winter, and is ready for another year of great times at the Old Caledonian! Penny and I are ready to welcome you this season for some warm weather fun; and with some new amenities and menus. Read on to learn more…

For years many of our guests have suggested and/or requested an expansion of our services to include some spa-type and wellness offerings, especially since these services are so hard to find in our area. We are happy to announce that this has become reality!

  • Room amenities: We’ve upgraded our in-room amenities to include several items intended to make your stay with us even more relaxing and mindful. These include new specialty bath and toiletry products, aromatherapy misters, soothing sound generators, cushy slippers, soothing salt lamps and sleep masks.
  • Cuisine: In addition to the many wellness programs we have decided to add, we will be transitioning to a plant-based (vegan) menu starting June 1st (more details here). Scrumptious bowl of jackfruit posole with a homemade tortillaThe incredible breakfasts and teatimes you have all come to love and return for at the Old Caledonian will see little change, and even the most devoted carnivore will love our fluffy pancakes, waffles, and cinnamon rolls; as well as our new homemade corn tortilla breakfast tostadas, savory frittatas, and of course our homemade biscuits! Take it from this decades-long chef– I guarantee you will continue to love our food.
  • Yoga and meditation: Our top level, previously not used by guests, has been converted and is now open as a studio stretching the full length of the house, and is available for quiet relaxation and/or meditation, as well as yoga via the many available videos, or classes taught by our local yoga instructor. Please let us know in advance if you’d like to arrange for a full yoga class– or even a retreat for you and your friends!
  • Sauna: Right next to the koi pond you’ll find our new sauna! It seats up to six people (two lying down) and has such a great cedar scent inside. A beautiful view of the Old Caledonian's Koi pond with the brand new sauna in the background.And although the summer weather will soon be upon us, as they say on Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming! This will be a perfect reason to visit us in those colder months.
  • Hygge: Speaking of winter, we want to be your relaxation and getaway destination all year long. Therefore, our winter-time theme will be “Hygge” (pronounced HYOO-guh)- the Scandinavian cultural concept of coziness and warm, relaxing comfort. Think of wrapping yourself in soft blankets and sitting in front of our 1849 hearth fireplace with a warm cup of tea or cocoa while listening to soft music and enjoying the company of your companions. Or, perhaps, curling up in our library with a great book and enjoying a quiet moment knowing you are away from the daily grind and any stress from everyday life. That’s hygge; and we want to be your hygge destination during those frigid times.

And coming soon…

  • Massage: We have converted one our rooms on the second level to a beautiful massage studio, complete with massage table, towel warmer, soft lighting, and relaxing music. We will have on-call, fully licensed massage therapists available by appointment. Keep an eye on our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for updates.
  • More to come! We have other new things planned that we will be announcing soon. We will be sure to keep you all posted!

Thanks to all of our guests. We hope you love these new additions. If you have any questions, or wish to make a booking, please contact us! We’ll see you soon here at the Old Caledonian!

Beautifully arranged mise en place for the Old Caledonian's fried green tomatoes

8 thoughts on “You’ll love our new amenities at the Old Caledonian B&B!

  1. Take me away. Can’t wait to visit again and take advantage of every single amenity. Aline and Nick Harria

  2. Looking forward to seeing you all for the Scottish celebration on Friday….Yoga and massage sounds great…..

  3. I loved my visit and cant wait to see you again. I’ll travel a long way for your smiles….both of you. And now……cinnamon rolls and breakfast tostadas. Please keep making those wonderful maccarons too.

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