To our vegan friends and guests

Greetings from Caledonia, MO!

Jon here, co-owner (along with my wife, Penny) of the Old Caledonian Bed & Breakfast. We wanted to send out a personal message to introduce ourselves to our new vegan friends and guests.

Recently we have transitioned from a meaty menu to a vegan one at the B&B, and Penny and I have adopted a vegan lifestyle personally, as well. You might have read our previous posts as to our reasons for making these changes, as well as the new wellness amenities we have added to accompany our new food program. We are thrilled to be making these changes to our lives and our business, and are excited to bring these offerings to our area, where vegan, wellness, and plant-based are not terms heard very often!

I’m sure many of you may do some research as to who we are, and who we used to be. We wanted to be up front and honest in regards to the facts that our establishment, kitchen, and my career as a chef/educator, used to be very carnivorous. You will see past photos of taxidermy on our walls and me working with meat; among lots of of other pictures of meaty depictions taken by our guests; or articles, blogs and other writings that you may see on the internet.

We wanted to assure you, our future guests, that these items are no longer present at the B&B, or in our lives. We have fully embraced our new outlook on life, and wish to be great stewards of veganism, and continue to provide the outstanding hospitality and service noted in so many of our reviews.

At the same time, as uncomfortable as these images might be to many, I personally view these histories as testament to the fact that if a guy like me can make this change, anyone can. Many of my past students still contact me to let me know the positive impact I’ve had on their lives, and I seek to use that same inspiration to teach, demonstrate, and lead others to the conclusion that reducing meat consumption, or giving it up altogether like we have, is not only possible, but can be delicious and fulfilling from both culinary and social perspectives. There are very few lifelong vegans. Many of us have made this change after years of animal consumption. While Penny was previously vegan, I was never was; and after an admittedly involuntary first push into veganism due to an allergy onset, I am now not only excited, but downright enthusiastic regarding what lies ahead.

Let us prove it to you. Book a stay at the Old Caledonian, check out our included full breakfast and teatime, add a dinner if you would like, and spend some time enjoying our new amenities, exploring Elephant Rocks and Johnson Shut-Ins State Parks, or just taking time to relax in the country.

Thanks for allowing me to share this with you, and we hope to see you at the Old Caledonian Bed & Breakfast.

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