Food Update!

Hi friends-

Jon here, co-owner of the Old Caledonian Bed & Breakfast.

We have a food update for you, and it will mean ultimately amazing things and great news for the Old Caledonian and our guests. Please read on…

At the end of last summer I was diagnosed with the Alpha-Gal allergy, which I received courtesy of a bite from a lone-star tick. This has resulted in my now being allergic to eating, and sometimes preparing, products that come from mammals, like meat and dairy. The reactions include hives and swelling–and potentially deadly anaphylaxis. I even carry an epipen now.

As a result of this, after a months-long mourning period for all the items I loved but can now no longer consume, and to fulfill the desire for the Old Caledonian to be Alpha-Gal friendly, Penny and I have decided to turn a negative into a positive. We have both switched to a plant-based/vegan diet, and we will be transitioning the menu at the Old Caledonian to one that is plant-based/vegan (which is naturally Alpha-Gal friendly). This transition will be official on June 1st.

What will this mean for our menu? Here’s the first item on the great news list: our breakfasts and teatimes will still be amazing and have the rave-review earning quality, flavor and creativity that you have come to expect. We have spent the past few months testing, trying, and perfecting everything from our pancakes, cookies, cornbread, scones, waffles, and biscuits; to our scrambles, tea sandwiches, frittatas, and fried green tomatoes. Plus, we’ve added new additions including absolutely luscious cinnamon-spice rolls, breakfast tacos on homemade corn tortillas, savory vol-au-vents in puff pastry, and our take on classic red flannel hash. We know that our cuisine will continue to satisfy and impress the most devoted carnivores, and inspire new guests to come and experience the food at the Old Caledonian.

What’s the next bit of great news? We will be launching a full array of new wellness and spa amenities designed to go along with our new menu. Maybe you’ve seen the sauna that’s just been put up in our backyard. And perhaps you’ve read on social media that we’ve remodeled our third floor into a beautiful yoga studio. That’s just the start of the incredible things to come. Stay tuned for another announcement in the coming weeks with a full list of these brand new amenities designed to relax and reinvigorate!

Among all these great changes, here’s something that will always stay the same: our commitment to outstanding hospitality, and living up to our slogan, “Caledonia’s Grandest Historic Lodging Destination.”

Here’s to creating positives! See you at the Old Caledonian Bed & Breakfast.

6 thoughts on “Food Update!

  1. I am so excited to enjoy your foray into vegan offerings! We love Caledonia, but have never had the option of eating in town as vegans. Excited to spend some more time in the area and enjoy all you have to offer with the spa and now food!!!

    • Thanks, Bob! So glad to read your comment. We look forward to seeing you (and feeding you) at the Old Caledonian!

  2. This is SO awesome! As a vegan for nearly a decade, it is exciting to see changes like this. We look forward to trying to schedule a visit soon!

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